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We do everything we can to give you the best product possible. Our animal breeding system is based on how well their meat is graded and how well they grow on grass.


USDA Inspected throughout processing. We also have a Bio-security plan on site at the farm.


We believe in pasture regeneration through animal activity. We use Nature's lessons to help our pastures and animals be the best they can be.

Somewhere, somehow our past couple of generations lost something. An understanding that everything we do, everything the animals do, is connected. In an effort to grow so large, farms lost the ways of Nature. And every problem that came because of that was met with a mechanical or chemical answer. It’s still happening.
———————WE REJECT THAT————-

We are trying to recapture that lost and hidden knowledge to bring back sanity to farming.
We look to Nature and the ways that animals, pastures, predators all act on their environment. We feel if we stick to Nature’s rules, our animals will be happier, healthier, and the meat, milk, and vegetables we harvest will be better for us, not only physically, but mentally.
Don’t eat food that makes you sad. Know your food.

Samples of What We Offer

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Neck Bones

Pastured Pork Neck Bones (lb Pack)

Pork Spare Ribs

Pastured Pork Spare Ribs (lb Pack)

New York Strip Steak 1/2in (2-Pack)

New York Strip Steak 2-Pack 1/2in

Ham Roast Bone-In

Pastured Pork Roast Bone-In

Cubed Steak (2-Pack)

Cubed Steak (2-Pack)

Sirloin Tip Roast

Sirloin Tip Roast

Beef Liver (lb)

Beef Liver (lb)

Beef Stew Bones Multi-pack

Beef Stew Bones multi-pack

Meet the Farmers

Come see our farm. You are welcome.

Mickie Davis

Veteran Farmer

Mickie is a US Veteran Farmer and Engineer at Brandywine Farm. She loves her milk cows, herding dogs, and Livestock Guard Dogs.

Travis Davis

The Thinking Farmer

Travis has been farming for years, starting out helping his father and uncles as they farmed with mules. He loves his livestock and wants them to have the best life possible!

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2003 Morrison Creek Rd, Gainesboro, TN 38562

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